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Yusuke Narita

Yale Economics Department


with a full list of papers

Research Themes


Data-driven Algorithm/Mechanism Design

Education, Health & Labor Policies 

Research Methods


Causal Inference, History, Machine Learning, 

Structural Econometric Modeling, Theory

Recent Papers

Algorithm is Experiment: Machine Learning, Market Design, and Policy Eligibility Rules

with Kohei Yata

Approximating Choice Data with Discrete Choice Models

with Haoge Chang and Kota Saito

Meritocracy and Its Discontents: Long-run Effects of Repeated School Admissions Reforms

with Mari Tanaka and Chiaki Moriguchi

The Curse of Democracy: Evidence from the 21st Century





Data Analysis and Econometrics: 

Visualization, Causation, and Prediction
(Econ 123 and 132

Probability and Statistics 
(Econ 135)

Topics in Empirical Economics and Policy Analysis
(Econ 556a

Labor Economics II

(Econ 631b)


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