Recent Talks

ACM Conference on Equity & Access in Algorithms, Mechanisms & Optimization EAAMO ’21 (October 2021)

UC Berkeley (Semptember 2021)

Yale (September 2021)

Society for Labor Economists (May 2021)

Caltech (April 2021)

Penn State (April 2021)

American Economic Association (Jan 2021)

Econometric Society North American Meeting (Jan 2021)



Research Themes


Data-driven Algorithm/Mechanism Design

Education, Health & Labor Policies 


Research Methods


Causal Inference, History, Machine Learning, 

Structural Econometric Modeling, Theory





Data Analysis and Econometrics: 

Visualization, Causation, and Prediction
(Econ 132, 2016 and 2017, Syllabus)


Topics in Empirical Economics and Policy Analysis
(with Ed Vytlacil and Yuichi Kitamura, Econ 556a, 2017 and 2018, Syllabus)


Labor Economics II

(with Joe Altonji, Econ 631b , 2017)