Upcoming Talks


Caltech (April 2021)

Penn State (April 2021)

American Economic Association (Jan 2021)

Econometric Society North American Meeting (Jan 2021)

Caltech (Dec 2020)

Center for Monetary and Financial Studies in Madrid (Dec 2020)

Invited Talk at the European Economic Association's Annual Meeting (Aug 2020)

Econometric Society World Congress (Aug 2020)

Real World Experiment Design and Active Learning Workshop at ICML 2020 (July 2020)

Stanford Univ Market Design Seminar (June 2020)

Stanford Univ Faculty Brown Bag Seminar (May 2020)

Washington University/St Louis Fed Empirical Micro & Labor Workshop (May 2020)

Caltech Empirical Micro Seminar (Apr 2020)

"Mechanism Design for Vulnerable Populations" Workshop (Apr 2020)

Empirical Micro Conference at Arizona State Univ (Apr 2020)

Columbia Univ Japan Economy Seminar (Feb 2020)

American Economic Association & Econometric Society (Jan 2020)

Stanford Univ Market Design Seminar (Oct 2019)

Facebook (Nov 2019)

UC Berkeley Labor Economics Seminar (Nov 2019)

Columbia Univ Biostatistics Colloquium (Nov 2019)

Stanford Univ Labor Seminar (Oct 2019)

UC Irvine Joint Econometrics/Labor/Public Seminar (Oct 2019)

Rice Univ Empirical Micro Seminar (Oct 2019)

Univ of Tennessee (Oct 2019)

Stanford Univ Theory Seminar (Oct 2019)

NBER Summer Institute Labor Studies (July 2019)


Research Themes


Education, Data Mechanism Design


Research Methods


Causal Inference, History, Machine Learning, 

Structural Econometric Modeling, Theory





Data Analysis and Econometrics: 

Visualization, Causation, and Prediction
(Econ 132, 2016 and 2017, Syllabus)


Topics in Empirical Economics and Policy Analysis
(with Ed Vytlacil and Yuichi Kitamura, Econ 556a, 2017 and 2018, Syllabus)


Labor Economics II

(with Joe Altonji, Econ 631b , 2017)